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How to find an Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry Store

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 4:16:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Chanel is still a popular designer, more than 40 years after her death. However, buying authentic Chanel is increasingly difficult, because forgers and reproducers are eager to sell their copies for a large sum of money. This means that buyers need to be aware of the potential differences between copies and authentic pieces of Chanel jewelry. The first stage will always be to try to buy your items from an Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry Store, but you could also benefit from learning about the signs of authentic manufacture.

 Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry


For Authentic Vintage Chanel Jewelry Check for base metals

Although most buyers think of Chanel jewelry as expensive, putting it into a class with other types of high-quality jewelry, in fact most vintage pieces of Chanel jewelry will be from their Costume range, which was made from base metals rather than gold. You should be looking for stainless steel and Rhodium, rather than platinum, silver or gold for the Chanel costume range.  If you are buying from the boutique lines, then you can expect to pay premium prices, up to thousands of dollars. So if you see a vintage jewelry piece which is made of precious material, and which is relatively cheap, then you are clearly looking at a forgery.


Look out for laser stamps

Another common sign of forgery is later Chanel pieces which have been altered to appear older. Chanel jewelry was not stamped until the 70s, and even then, smaller pieces such as earrings will not have been stamped. Only relatively new earrings will have the Chanel CC engraving. If you see earrings which are supposed to be older, but that have that mark, then you will either be dealing with relatively new, authentic pieces, or forgeries which have been incorrectly stamped.


Beware of serial numbers or other authentications

Most authentic vintage Chanel jewelry will not have the boxes or serial numbers with them when they are sold. Large numbers of fakes come with boxes, and have tags or other authentication evidence. The boxes alone are a sure sign that the items have been faked, particularly those in black with gold lettering. Chanel will only use black with white writing, and also uses a blue box. In addition, there is now no such thing as 'vintage overstock' from Chanel. Even if you have checked, and the authentication appears correct, buyers should be cautious about what they are being sold, and check where the items have come from.

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