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Friday, April 7, 2017 12:23:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to costume jewelry and vintage jewelry. There are many great designers that you can find, but few have had the impact on the worlds of fashion and jewelry like Chanel. Chanel pieces still carry a great deal of cache and pieces that are forty or fifty years old or even older are treasured by collectors and enthusiasts. Getting the chance to own a vintage piece from Chanel is not something that comes along for everyone, and if you are looking to get something for yourself, you need to know a good source to use for your items. You should come to see our online shop at the ChanelVintageStore so you can see the amazing selection we have available all of the time.

We Love the Unique

Just like you, we have a great love for vintage Chanel jewelry and the unique items that are available. That is why we offer the boutique to the public in the way that we do. Our founder, Violet Santoyo, is the curator of the Lady Danger Vintage Boutique and our store is the online arm of the boutique, offering beautiful Chanel pieces to the public since 2010. Violet looks all over, everywhere she goes, in the hopes of tracking down vintage Chanel pieces that are beautiful and unique and will be pieces that you want to have for yourself.



A Diverse Selection

Here at the ChanelVintageStore, we have a very diverse selection of authentic and original Chanel pieces that you may not find anywhere else. You can find an array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, brooches and more at our store, all with the authentic markings you want to see so that you know you are getting the real thing. We are constantly discovering new items at antique and estate sales that we add to our site and offer some items that you may have seen worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Nicole Ritchie, Lady Gaga or in magazines like Elle.

Find That Special Item

If you are looking for that special piece of Chanel jewelry to add to your wardrobe or collection, make sure you come to us at the ChanelVintageStore. You can see all of the items we currently offer when you visit us at www.chanelvintagestore.com. Check out our selection and place an order safely and securely on our website and we can ship your items to you, so you have something awesome to wear for that next special night out.

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