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Falling in Love with That Nicole Ritchie Necklace

Friday, April 28, 2017 12:40:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

It happens to most of us all of the time – we see a piece of clothing or an accessory worn by one of our favorite celebrities, and we just love the way it looks. We love it so much that we want to find what the item is, learn where we can get it and go ahead and buy it. It can happen when you are looking in a magazine, watching a video on the Internet, watching a movie or TV show, or just watching the red carpet. There are certain celebrities that always seem to have a knack for great taste in fashion and jewelry. If you have recently seen the show “Candidly Nicole,” then you know all about the Nicole Richie necklace she wears and how gorgeous it is.

Falling in Love with a Style

Ms. Ritchie is a well-known reality TV star and model, and she is known just as much for her personality as she is for her fashion style and sense. For years, people have loved the outfits she wears and the wonderful accessories she uses with each outfit to enhance her look. On her recent TV venture, she has taken to wearing some beautiful, vintage Chanel pieces that stand out proudly. Chanel has always been a highly desirable line of jewelry, but when you see it combined with Ms. Ritchie’s own sense of fashion, it can make you want the items even more.



Finding the Vintage Pieces

The problem often becomes that you fall in love with something like the Nicole Ritchie necklace and have nowhere to find it yourself. It may take you a while just to track down what the necklace is, who the designer is or a good look at the necklace so you can find one like it for your own. While you may find some items for sale at shops that are facsimiles or replicas of what she wears, if you want the real thing then you need to have a reliable source to turn to for it.

Where to Find the Necklace You Love

If you are looking for the Nicole Ritchie necklace you have seen on TV, you can find the exact necklace available from us at the Chanel Vintage Store. We offer original, hard-to-find Chanel pieces, including the necklace in question, so that you can get an authentic Chanel piece of your own. To see what we have available currently, come to our website at www.chanelvintagestore.com and get the necklace you want most while you have the chance.

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