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How to Buy Vintage Chanel Bracelets online

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:28:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Coco Chanel was one of the most significant fashion designers of the 20th century, and her designs for jewelry make items from her boutique some of the most sought-after on the collectors' market. There are many authentic vintage pieces available for buyers, so if you have an eye for a Chanel bracelet, then you will need some tips about what to look for when you buy Vintage Chanel Bracelets online.

 Buy Vintage Chanel Bracelets Online

Buy Vintage Chanel Bracelets Online Look for special pieces

There are many reproductions of vintage jewelry available, and this can make it difficult to select an authentic piece. In order to make sure that you get something that you want, look for special pieces that appeal to you personally. A good piece of jewelry should be attractive to the wearer.


Look for dents and marks

There is a clear difference between real and fake Chanel which is revealed in the appearance of the jewelry itself. If you are buying online, then it can be harder to detect, but you should be looking for small imperfections, and a thicker appearance to the metal itself. This is because the fake items will be mass-produced out of the same mold, which has been made from a single piece of authentic jewelry. Because the mold has been stamped out of a vintage piece of jewelry, it will not be perfect, and will often have imperfections, dents and other marks which reveal that it has been stamped from a mold.


Look for good manufacture

Another way to make sure that you are buying real Chanel bracelets is to look at the way in which the pieces have been created. Real Chanel will be made with delicate structures, so that all of the Cs of her design are picked out completely from the background, for example, and any images are also picked out with the same eye on quality. An authentic piece should be sharp, and the clarity of the real things is obvious. Sharp lettering, clear lines and a perfectly level edge should all be good signs of quality.

Learn the marks

After the 1930s, all of Chanel's work was marked, and those marks changed over time. This means that an authentic bracelet, claiming to be from the70s, should have a round stamp, while those from the 80s should have an eye-shaped look. Learning the differences between the marks can help you to buy vintage bracelets online.


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