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How to Buy Vintage Chanel Necklace as Investment pieces

Thursday, December 24, 2015 3:55:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Investing in jewelry has been done for hundreds of years, with many famous families on the Continent believing that jewelry was the best way to secure their fortunes in hard times. The family of Tsar Nicholas II stuffed their bodices with jewels in order to keep some of their money to hand. This tradition of jewelry as investment, as well as fashion accessory, has been changed in the 20th century with the rise of antique and vintage collecting. This means that items, including costume jewelry, which would have been ignored in the past, are now highly priced. One example of this is the trend for people to Buy Vintage Chanel Necklace as Investment pieces. There are several ways that you can make sure that you are buying the right necklaces to make a good impression.


Vintage Chanel Necklace


Look at the style of the Vintage Chanel Necklace

For anyone wanting to invest in Vintage Chanel Nekclace, the most important element is always the style. Chanel created a number of classic jewelry designs which are still fashionable, and this makes her vintage pieces more desirable. Bold pieces, usually carrying either the Chanel name or the CC logo as part of the design, are particularly sought after.


Vintage or House of Chanel?

Most of the necklaces and other pieces of jewelry currently on the market under the Chanel name are not pieces from Chanel herself, but were created after her death in the House of Chanel, a company that used her name, and employed designers to make pieces under that name. Although these are House of Chanel, they are still very valuable, and in high demand, and this makes them attractive to investors. More than that, however, they are usually in better condition than older, vintage Chanel pieces, as they are often damaged, and costume pieces will flake and peel.


Look for in-demand styles

Buying jewelry as an investment means paying attention to current jewelry trends, and buying to meet the demands of collectors and those in the fashion industry. For example, Chanel's trademark heavy gold necklaces are very popular, as are the large colored crosses, often with the small CC logo in the center.  These are known as 'Gripoix for Chanel' pieces, and are in demand by those who follow fashion. Her range of pearl jewelry is also popular, making them a good buy for investors as well.


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