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How to spot vintage marks when you Shop for Authentic Chanel Earrings

Monday, November 2, 2015 12:48:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Authentic Chanel jewelry can sell for hundreds of dollars, and her style is sought after all over the world. This means that it is a significant temptation to forgers and reproducers, hoping to mimic the Chanel image closely enough to persuade people to part with big money for cheap copies. If you want to Shop for Authentic Chanel Earrings, but are concerned that you don't know enough about the items to be able to spot an authentic design, then you can help yourself by learning more about the different marks, or 'signatures' which were used in Chanel jewelry during the 40s, 70s and 80s.

 Authentic Chanel Earrings


The early marks of Authentic Chanel Earrings

Most of Chanel's early pieces are unmarked, but that doesn't mean that they don't have a style which is as good as a signature. This style can be seen on authentic pieces, including high-quality manufacture and the construction of the back of the jewelry. Most reproducers ignore the design of the back of earrings and brooches, and this is a clear give away.  In the late 50s and 60s, some Chanel earrings were marked by a round stamp, which carries the Chanel name. Sometimes a plate is fixed which carries the name plus three stars.


The 1970s Aunthentic Chanel Earrings

By the 1970s, the House of Chanel had started to use marks on their earrings and other pieces of jewelry. This features the Chanel name, with the CC logo beneath, plus the registered and copyrighted symbols. There will also usually be a 'Made in France' signature across the bottom. Some of them have a round outline, while others do not.


The 1980s Authentic Chanel Earrings

There are two main marks from the House of Chanel  for Authentic Chanel Earrings during this period. The first is a similar design to the 1970s model, with the Chanel name and logo. In the 80s, the Made in France signature was discarded, and instead was replaced with the date. The majority of early 80s pieces are marked using this style. In the late 80s, however, a new design appeared. These are the first Chanel oval marks, and feature the CC logo in the center, with a circle outline around it. On either side of the logo will be numbers, which will tell the collector which design collection this is from. There will also be a Chanel name across the top, flanked by copyright and registered marks.

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